Inauguration of two bike-tourism trails

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After one week of intense preparation, the great moment has come : the inauguration of two bike-tourism trails, one around the town and the other in the forest.

On this day of Saturday may 31th, at 9:00 am, all volunteers came at Bellu, the first point, to check one more time materiels, food and drinks. We put tables and maps of the road to be ready for the arrival of participants, foretold at 11:00 am. All volunteers were smiling and eager to welcome the cyclists. Just a little snag for this day : the heat and sunny weather of the last two weeks had given way to cold and cloudy weather.

Nevertheless, fourty courageous people came from the surrondings or from Bucarest to take part in the event.

After greetings the arrivants, short teams of volunteers went to different places around the trails and were wainting the cyclists to offert them food and drinks.

I, with Jolanta, another volunteer, were in charge of the first point, Bellu. She was down the park with other volunteers for registering participants and keep bikes. As for me, I was with three volunteers on the upper part of the park, just near the museum, to serve drinks and food.

After 12:00 we vainly expected other participants, so, to avoid boredom, we decided to rejoin Jolanta and her team. Once together, we played games with small balls or by drawing a hopscotch in the street. It was a real moment of conviviality and complicity.

At the end of the day, we rejoined all volunteer in the wine producer place, the last point of the two trails. Here, on the top of a hill overhanging the city we said farewell to the participants going home after a sporting day and an enjoyable wine testing.

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