Game Afternoons

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The aim is simple : every Thursday, we invite via facebook the children of the highschool to play board or ball games with us during 3 or 4 hours.

After a first shy attempt with a few participants, we decided to advertise these activities directly in the highschool, just before holidays. First we came in the courtyard and proposed a workshop to learn how to repare bikes for the children who want to join us during our bike activities. Just after, we bring out games and balls. In a short time, we had around us more children than expected. Severals groups have formed, one playing football, another for other ball games and others for board games.

During the next game afternoons, participants were less numerous but easier to manage. It was also pleasant to see that those who already knew rules of games could explain to the new participants. We quickly have to offer new games and activity, as the one proposed by Simona Crisbasanu, which was a success. The aim this activity was to create, in small groups, a poster illustrating the « perfect holidays » and bring the children to communicate with us and the others.

Soon, we think up to take a walk in the hill and play team games.

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