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We love nature! We love to cycle and to discover world through fast changing views while we are cycling. We like to pedal and laugh wholeheartedly, but we stay in peace in front of beautiful landscape to enjoy the view. Dealu Mare project was created to strengthen community ties with the nature they are being surrounded every day. Our team is young, fun, open minded, and always ready to help. With this project we are giving YOU and YOUR friends opportunity to discover your region from new point of view. View from hills! As you probably know Urlati region is the first spot from Bucharest where the  hills starts, so it has perfect conditions for bicycle sport, fitted to young and old. Bicycle is eco vehicle, and probably the easiest, healthiest and the cheapest way to search the surroundings. Participants will have a great opportunity not only explore bike trails but also to learn about Romanian culture, meet interesting local people, discover  food, traditions,  and much more! We can suggest you few unforgettable journeys throughout region. Trails have been selected to satisfy everyone`s taste, from light, short 1-2 hours hike, to medium, or even hard trails, which can be taken in two or more days, it depends only on you !



Route 1 – Urlati

Route 2 – Padurea Magica

Route 3 – Cricov

Route 4 – Dealu Mare

Route 5 – Sud

Route 6 – Tunelul Verde

Route 7 – Dealul Vest

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