First hike

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My first hike was easy one. Just a little tour around Urlatii. There was only asphalt and I didn’t need to climb any big mountains. I realy enjoyed it. All people were nice, greeting and waveing for us passing through. Even one kid on a bike tried to race with us for awhile. Of cours I must mention the dogs. There are alot of them. But when they were chasing I was trying to race with the as long as posible. There is no reason to be afraid of them, because they are quite friendly. Only few of them I saw pretty agresive.

At one point we took off road to the forest. That was the most memorable experience. We were going in green tunnel. The road was a bit hard in forest, because of all branches and narrow road but the smell of fresh air in woods and view compencate all problems. Every one should try this route. Even it needs to cut some branches and clear the road with people help we can make that route a heaven in earth. No doubt I will try that road in autumn.



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