Clubul Tinerilor Inovativi

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We are a group of creative students and our main goal is to raise the value of our community. We try to learn about everything that surrounds us in order to develop our deepest capacities.

Thus, we created CTI Urlati, a club for young and energetic people, willing to make a good change in our small and beautiful community.

CTI Urlati has three important departments: Art and Culture, Sports and Health, Society and Education.

You can join the Art and Culture department if you can sing, play an instrument or if you have any other talent that you want to share with us.

The Sports and Health department is for those who are passionate about riding the bike, jogging, going to gym or eating healthy food.

The last but not the least is the Society and Education department that you can join if you are a sensitive person, who likes to help everyone around and to raise awareness regarding different social problems.

All of the three departments give you the opportunity to take part in the activities that you are passionate about and, most importantly, you get the chance to work with young and enthusiastic people.

You have the chance to expose your ideas about every exciting activity and, of course, to gain the experience you need for your future career.


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